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Quotes My horse had loose droppings. Whatever I tried supplements wise had little or no effect. It had only happened since moving yards so I suspected grass or haylage to be responsible I stumbled across a forum where someone said carob had sorted their horses digestive system so thought I'd give carob crumb a try. My usually fussy boy devoured his feed, licking the bucket clean. The most amazing thing of all was that by the following morning his droppings were properly formed and have been ever since. I have his carob from one stubbs scoop to about a third of a scoop and his digestive system is back to normal. Brilliant stuff. Wish I'd found it sooner! Quotes

Quotes Been looking for a low calorie high fibre natural feed that doesn't break the bank for my two barefoot horses. They adore it and it's super fresh, I love that I can give my lami prone 24year old a bit more of this than other feeds as I know it's not going to put his feet at risk, he's also lacking a lot of teeth and this is the perfect texture for him. My yearling is also loving this food and is far more interested in his bucket than before due to the lovely aroma. Try it, you couldn't be disappointed! Quotes

Quotes Just wanted to thank you for these wonderful feeds, we are now in the middle of winter and my horses are sailing through, I started on your feeds last spring and what a difference I can see this year in compared to last year, it just goes to show when you feed natural time always tells, mine are a mixture of breeds from a welsh section A to a Warmblood, but all are fed the same in just different amounts your feeds are perfect! thank you Quotes
HP Xtra and alfalfa pellets

Quotes "Truly loving Valley Views spices - all human grade A that pack a punch. Anyone that loves spices will not be disappointed & to boot all natural. Thank you Valley View for allowing me to test your products the Turmeric, Ginger, Ceylon Cinnamon and the cloves were all beautiful I especially enjoyed the Ginger it was very smooth & not to overpowering . Highly recommended to all ." Ellie Morgan TUG Admin Quotes
Ellie Morgan TUG Admin
Valley View Spices

Quotes Love your porridge, it's the best conditioning feed I've ever used and so fresh, my horses thrive on it!! Quotes
Horsey porridge xtra

Quotes Just to say thank you for the fantastic service and product, fab product is your super joint I've recommended it to as many people as I can. we have been using it 5 years now and have never looked back xxxxx Quotes
Super Joint

Quotes I can remember having my cottage windows replaced a few years ago and my favourite pair of magpies started pecking at the linseed base putty then one morning I found them both dead on the ground, I spoke to the rspb and they told me linseed oil is poisonous and rancid and new putty should be varnished as soon as possible to stop the birds eating it. A big thank you to Valley View for making people aware of linseed. Quotes

Quotes My horses are looking amazing since using valley view horsey porridge xtra. Smells fresh and great quality. The best natural winter feed out there and linseed free! (◔◡◔) My two boarder collies try and steal the HPX when I'm feeding my horses a big thumbs up (👍≖‿‿≖)👍 Miranda Bury - Lancs Quotes
Horsey porridge xtra

Quotes I read all the time on the barefoot and other groups people adding cups full of linseed to their horses feeds everyday. (︶︹︺) . I've stopped using linseed now, using VV super breath Xtra for my horses breathing already a huge improvement. well done VV ☺ Quotes
Caroline from Melton Mowbray
Cups full of linseed

Quotes I was absolutely shocked after reading Dr. Al Sears research . I stopped using linseed immediately. I am so pleased to find a feed company that don't use this awful stuff. Well done Valley View Quotes
Nicola - Maidstone - Kent
Linseed FREE
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