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Quotes Just a quick message to say how pleased I am with you products! Amazing value for money with excellent results, my horses coughs completely disappeared after using the supplements and my ex racehorse temperament has changed since I've been feeding your gastric ulcer supplement! Can't thank you enough.. highly recommend to anyone thinking of buying your supplement! Quotes
Super breath Xtra / Super calmer gastric

Quotes Katrina, i thought I would introduce you to Beauty and Treacle! Treacs is 21 and doing so well on the Super breath extra.Going to shows, enjoying jumping up to 85cm in his retirement! I no longer have to buy flixotide puffers every 2 weeks which is fantastic, no nasty chemicals /steroids going into his system... the runny bottom herbs have worked wonders, and of course the ponies and us humans are using the turmeric and coconut oil to make golden paste for us all! Beauty seems to get through her seasons without problems of her own, only treacs getting interested, much to her disgust! Thanks for your fantastic service. Speak soon. Kind regards Annabel Quotes
Beauty and Treacle

Quotes Have ordered a smaller pot of coconut oil before from Valley View upon recommendation, and was very impressed with the quality so had no hesitation in ordering the 2ltr tub. I use it mainly for consumption with turmeric (also ordered from Valley View) and have found the combination to be far superior than others I have tried. Extremely fast delivery too. Thank you! Quotes

Quotes Hi. I've used your products for a while now (Super Breath Xtra mainly) and would just like to say how much I like them - and the free delivery, which is a definite bonus. Thank you very much. Quotes
Super Breath Xtra

Quotes A quick update that Mick the t/b recovering from ulcers has come to a different level this spring, He looks amazing and is very clearly feeling a lot better too. Also dare i jinks it but our little dartmoor hill who has always suffered badly with sweetitch seems to have a high resistance to the midges so far, touch wood. Super products with super outcomes. Quotes
mick and hill
valley view super products

Quotes Best quality turmeric I have used! Next day delivery. Highly recommended!!! Quotes
Turmeric powder

Quotes My horse is 20 and has always suffered with dust allergy and a bit of hay fever, He was worse than ever last autumn which i put down to him getting older, I had tried other very expensive supplements which had no effect. I then discovered Valley view and Superbreath Xtra he stopped coughing in one week and the nasty discharge he had when stabled at night stopped. He now has extra energy for his work and hasnt had one cough since first time in his life. Just ordered some super joint as joints getting a bit clicky which im confident will work. Thank you for such good quality products at realistic prices Quotes
Cough Free at last

Quotes Amazingly fast delivery, nice product, very impressed, thankyou. Quotes
Turmeric powder
very impressed

Quotes My poor rescue mare has come on leaps and bounds, she's put on 100kgs and she's not looking bad now for end of winter. I Fed 1 part alfalfa 1 part carob kibble 2 parts carob crumb I added Valley View honey I've added a few bits from the hedgerows and some of Valley View's herbs and spices! My neglected rescued mare has made a huge improvement! Quotes
Lynn Martin
Be De

Quotes In a nutshell- carob is the best thing I have ever fed for hoof health. It is of particular benefit to the EMS/IR types who struggle spring and autumn, since we discovered carob the natives and Fjords can enjoy more time out with the herd and less being sequestered for their health. Sound strong hooves, glossy coats, and calm relaxed energy, there is nothing not to like about this feed. And whomever thought of the Cococarob mix deserves a medal- genius! Quotes
Barefoot Horse must-have
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