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The Story of Carob and History


''One of the Nature’s Plant Wonders''

''Nature's Super Food''

is the Carob Fruit Tree (Ceraonia siliqua) 

an evergreen shrub or tree native to the Mediterranean. region, cultivated for its edible seedpods since 200OBC.

The Carob tree is an evergreen tree with large, shiny leaves which can grow up to 45 feet tall. The Carob tree can live to be over 100 years old.

The tree produces thick, long or short, broad pods that are from 6 to 12 inches long. The pods are green, turning dark brown/black when ready to be picked. Inside the pods, surrounded by a sweet, juicy pulp, are reddish-brown seeds that look a bit like watermelon seeds. There could be up to 9 seeds per pod.
Though the pod can also be eaten raw. The whole pod is used: the pods are roasted and ground into a powder; the pods are also used as animal feed in kibble/crumb form and the pods. The Carob Powder is made first, then products such as syrup, bars and chips are made from the powder. The carob seeds are also used to make Carob bean gum and is used in food manufacturing as a thickener for icecream, toothpaste, diabetic chocolate spreads etc....
The Carob Tree is a native to the Middle East. It has been cultivated since 2000 BC. The fruit is a pod which can be elongated, compressed, straight or curved, and thickened at the sutures. Carob is a member of the legume family, and as such its roots host bacteria which convert atmospheric nitrogen into nitrates which can be used by plants to make proteins. Bionulpro (Carob Flour) has a high natural carnohydrate content 30-35% and is totally starch sugar free.  Its protein content is about four to eight percent. The crude fiber content is four to six percent. Neutral detergent fiber (NDF), averaging 35.5 percent is mainly composed of lignin and cellulose, with a low hemicellulose content. Pectins and soluble tannins are up to 3-5.0 percent. The gross energy value of Bionulpro (Carob) is 3,600 Kcal/kg. The digestibility energy (DE) of dehydrated carob powder for pigs and rabbits are 2,440 and 2,235 Kcal/kg, respectively. There are in total approx 211 species of carob and each one has a completely different nutritional value.

INTRODUCING CAROB Modern feed processing results from feeding raw dehydrated Carob Flour/Kibble, known as Bionulpro (Alimcarat/Philchema, Inc.), a unique, multi-functional superfeed for livestock/animals. Bionulpro (Carob) is a 100 percent natural product obtained by dehydrating the pulp, naturally of selected carobs, which have been gathered and stowed in optimum conditions for adequate maturation and 'natural' drying. Bionulpro’s (Carob v) elaboration starts with a careful drying and natural stowing of the pulp. These, together with the following thermal drying, shall hydrolyze a high proportion of condensed tannins. The whole processing of Bionulpro’s (Carob's) elaboration improves significantly in its digestibility as well as its high nutritive value.

Carob is a natural alternative for horses/animals that have an ''intolerance to sugar'', this is why carob is used in the manufacture of diabetic chocolate (Helps balance the blood sugar levels). The natural carbohydrates in carob also aid in helping protein absorb in the body. Carob is also a great feed for horses/livestock/animals that suffer from digestive problems, dis-orders and diarrhoea. Carob is a fantastic super feed, packed with vital vitamins and minerals and it is suitable for all horses/ponies/livestock.

More Benefits of Carob Kibble/Crumb.

 OUR Raw not genetically modified ( non GM) freshly ground carob

crumb (not roasted or cooked) is classed as a super food and contains a perfect balance of 6:1 ratio of omega 6 fatty acids and omega 3

fatty acids and is far superior to most nuts and seeds. More importantly You need the EPA and DHA forms of omega-3 to promote proper body function. How much EPA and DHA are in linseed? NONE

Great for the digestive system

Our Raw Carob contains Seven essential amino acids

Our Raw Carob has a long-chain fatty acid (LCFA) proportions in terms of the saturated to polyunsaturated fatty acid (SFA: PUFA) and n-6 to n-3 ratios.

Our Natural Carob is totally STARCH FREE so great for horses/ponies with an intolerance to sugar and/or starch.

Carob tannins have Gallic acid. Gallic acid is analgesic, antiallergic and antibacterial. It is also antioxidant, antiviral and antiseptic.


Carob protects the intestinal mucous membrane and significantly reducing the incidence of unspecific diarrhoea's, nutritional disorders, and the incidence of ulcers. (scientifically proven)


Packed with vitamins and minerals

100% pure & natural & is not Genetically Modified - Does not contain toxins or allergens

Suitable for all horses, ponies, livestock and other animals


The use of carob flour  in a controlled series of infant diarrhoea
The Journal of Pediatrics, Volume 39, Issue 1, Pages 16-21
T. Plowright..........read on!

''Abstract: Forty cases of infant diarrhoea were studied. These cases were equally divided into two groups, one group being placed as a control and treated under the standard regime for diarrhoeal care at this hospital, while the other group was treated with a new product Carob Flour (Arobon). Those treated with the Carob Flour (Arobon) began having formed stools in about one-half the time it took the control group. Also the number of hospital days was practically cut in half for the Carob Flour group (Arobon group). This product did not produce any adverse side effects in our experience.''

 Carob Dramatically Improves the digestive system

Our Carob is allergen and toxic free and is not genetically modified

Lowers cholesterol level in the blood. Carob does not have a cholesterol agent. (proven)

Carob acts as an natural antioxidant. (proven)

Carob can be used to treat diarrhoea in all animals. (proven)


Carob contains an active substance that is effective against asthma, respiratory problems. Carob is also used for asthma and respiratory problems caused by allergies. (with great results)

Carob is a good expectorant.

Carob does not contain caffeine. (proven)

Carob contains vitamins E and is used for the treatment of cough, flu, anemia and osteoclasis.

Naturally contains Omega 3, 6 & 9 

Carob is used for the treatment of polio in children, as the Gallic acid in carob tannins helps to prevent polio. (fact)

Carob powder is also used as a food stabilizer and as a darkening agent.

Carob helps lower blood sugar levels

Carob powder is used in the manufacturing of diabetic chocolate.

Carob has been used for Thousands of years, originating in the Mediterranean, to treat, diarrhoea, stomach upsets, ulcers etc.

Ancient Egyptians used the gummy properties of the carob 'seed' by using it as an adhesive in binding mummies.

More Interesting Carob Information:

  • During the Second World War, it was common for the people of Malta to eat dried carob pods, as a supplement to rationed food. This had been also common during past famines and wars.

  • During the Spanish Civil War children who ate the Carob fruit, in the 1930s were able to remain free of malnutrition. As recently as WWII, isolated military troops and their horses on the island of Malta, and people in villages in Greece, credit their survival during the German occupation to the use of this "chocolate" Carob tree's, highly nutritious survival food.

  • ''The term Thoroughbred describes a breed of horse whose ancestry traces back to three foundation sires''

  • the Darley Arabian

  • the Godolphin Arabian

  • the Byerley Turk

    Hence why Thoroughbred horses love to eat Carob and thrive on it! .....More about the TB in ''the story of the Alfalfa''......

OUR Carob is allergen and toxic free, Organic not genetically modified.